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NFIA is an attractive alternative to currently congested major North American International airports. With its 10,825 ft. main runway, 5,850 ft. crosswind runway, 24-hour operation (no curfews), 24 hr. CFR service, excellent access to inspection agencies, and price competitive landing fees, the NFIA is ideally suited and strategically located to accommodate various types of aviation operations.

The close proximity of the airport to the Canada/USA border, its location just off a major highway, and its central location to the Canada and USA population base, offer great operational advantages. In addition, there is an excellent local labor force and the presence of over 300 freight forwarders in the airport vicinity makes freight operations a natural fit for this airport.

Park on site at the Niagara Falls International Airport and enjoy convenient access to the terminal. Parking rates are $13 per day with a maximum 7 day weekly rate of $65. Parking fee is to be paid upon entry to the lot.

Please know that clearance into the parking lot #1 (closest to the terminal) is restricted to a maximum vehicle height of 6' 2". Examples of vehicles that will not clear the overhead barrier are a GMC Yukon, Mid-size Hummer and a Ford Expedition.

There are additional lots where parking is available for vehicles of any height.

Electric Car Charging

Charge your electric vehicle for free at Niagara Falls International Airport. Two charging stations are available in Parking Lot 1, directly in front of the terminal. Use based on availability.

Car Charging



Animal Relief Area

Animal Relief Area

As you are facing the terminal it is located outside the terminal to the left.

Cell Phone Lot

Cell Phone Lot

The lot is located just south of the entrance to the main lot in front of the new terminal.

To assist people waiting to pick up inbound passengers the airport has a convenient cell phone lot.

It provides free parking for up to two hours. People may wait in their vehicles until they receive a call on their cell phone informing them their passengers are ready to be picked up in front of the terminal or it allows them to park and walk to the terminal.

There are designated parking spaces that allow for up to two hours of free parking to accommodate "meet and greet" patrons.
Concession Service

Concession Service

Post- security on the ground floor.

The terminal's food concession is open two hours prior to departures. We offer a wide variety of food and beverage items such as:

Deli Style Sandwiches
Home Style Pizza
Julianne Salad
Bagels & Pastries
Soda & Juices
Beer & Wine
Gourmet Wraps
Soup of the Day
Salad of the Day
Bottled Water 
Gourmet Teas
Hover Boards

Hover Boards

Due to concerns regarding the lithium batteries used in hoverboards (balance boards, gravity boards, self-balancing devices, etc.) Allegiant and Spirit Airlines will not transport hoverboards in either checked luggage or as a carryon item. Additionally, hoverboards (balance boards, gravity boards, self-balancing devices, etc.) are not allowed in the Niagara Falls International Airport terminal.
Lost and Found

Lost and Found

Click here to fill out a lost and found form.
Vending Machines

Vending Machines

PRE SECURITY-There are three vending machines that offer coffee, soda, water, juices and snacks, which are located on the ground floor of the terminal prior to going through the security check point.



For the convenience of our customers we offer free Wi-Fi inside the terminal.

The Niagara region attracts more than 22 million visitors annually.  The region is situated near the mighty Niagara Falls and along the Great Lake of Ontario – offering trophy freshwater sport fishing, romantic bed & breakfast getaways, wine tours, championship golf courses, gaming, world class entertainment and outdoor experiences that will encourage the whole family to get back to nature.

The mighty cascades are just one of the many adventures available to both thrill seekers and those a little less daring. Don a raincoat and trek into the base of the Falls at the Cave of the Winds, or jump aboard the Maid of the Mist and see what the Falls look like from the bottom up. Or, take a leisurely stroll through Niagara Falls State Park, the oldest state park in the country. 

Other area attractions include the Aquarium of Niagara, Old Fort Niagara and the Seneca Niagara Casino.  And what trip to the Falls would be complete without stopping by the Daredevil Museum and seeing first hand the barrels used by thrill seekers attempting to go over one of the Wonders of the World. 


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Development of the Niagara Falls International Airport is the catalyst for property opportunities in and around the facility. Successful operations are stimulating the need for warehousing, light manufacturing and assembly, and related services. A significant portion of the cargo arriving at the airport take advantage of foreign trade zone status and requisite component assembly.

The Niagara County Industrial Development Agency is readily available to assist in land acquisition, foreign trade zone advantages and financing.

Buffalo Niagara Enterprise provides development assistance to new and existing companies interested in the eight counties of Western New York, including everything from demographic information to tax incentives to site identification.

NFIA Incentive Program information
NFIA Tariff
2014 DRAFT Sustainable Master Plan


For more information on the Niagara Falls International Airport, click on the two-minute video below or, contact:
Pascal Cohen, A.A.E.
Manager Aviation Business Development & NFIA Operations
fax: 716.630.6070

The Niagara Falls International Airport is located off of Route 62 (Niagara Falls Blvd.), which connects easily with U.S. Interstate 90 and the 405 in Canada. Call 1-800-715-6722 for current border crossing traffic conditions.

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The Niagara Falls International Airport has prepared this Emergency Contingency Plan pursuant to §42301 of the FAA Modernization and Reform Act of 2012.  Questions regarding this plan can be directed to Pascal Cohen at The Niagara Falls International Airport is filing this plan with the Department of Transportation because it is a commercial.


This plan describes how, following excessive tarmac delays and to the extent practicable, the Niagara Falls International Airport will:


  • Provide for the deplanement of passengers;


  • Provide for the sharing of facilities and make gates available at the airport; and


  • Provide a sterile area following excessive tarmac delays for passengers who have not yet cleared United States Customs & Border Protection (CBP).


Airport Information


Name of Airport: Niagara Falls International Airport

Name and title of person preparing the plan: Thomas C. Dames, A.A.E. Airfield Superintendent (BUF)

Preparer contact number: 716-630-6136

Preparer contact e-mail: Date of submission of plan: May 2012

Airport Category:    Large Hub * Medium Hub * Small Hub * Non Hub x

Contact Information


In the event of diversion or other irregular operations events, aircraft operators should contact the Buffalo ARFF Dispatcher at 716-630-6011 and ask for assistance in reaching the Niagara Falls International Airport Duty Manager

Plan to Provide for the Deplanement of Passengers Following Excessive Tarmac Delays


Niagara Falls International Airport does not operate any of the equipment needed to safely deplane passengers from air carrier aircraft and is, therefore, unable on its own to provide for the deplanement of passengers. Additionally airport personnel are not trained to assist in the deplanement of passengers using equipment owned or operated by air carriers or contract service providers. However, we have requested that each airline, ground handler and FBO operation on the airport provide us with a list of the equipment and resources they have for deplaning passengers and contact information. We will provide this inventory and contact information to airlines as soon as practicable after receiving requests from such airlines experiencing excessive tarmac delays at the contact number listed above.


Plan to Provide the Sharing of Facilities and Make Gates Available in an Emergency


The gates at Niagara Falls International Airport are under common use leases to air carriers and are controlled by the airport. We will work with our common use tenant air carriers to make gates and other facilities available to an air carrier seeking to deplane at a gate to the extent practicable.


Plan to Provide a Sterile Area for Passengers Who Have Not Cleared United States Customs and Border Protection


Niagara Falls International Airport has defined sterile areas capable of accommodating limited numbers of international passengers. We will coordinate with local CBP officials to develop procedures that will allow international passengers who have not yet cleared United States Customs and Border Protection to be deplaned into these sterile areas to the extent practicable.


Public Access to the Emergency Contingency Plan


Niagara Falls International Airport will provide public access to its emergency contingency plan through one or more of the following means:

  • Posting in a conspicuous location on the airport website (

Lost at Security

Contact TSA at (716) 635-1245

Lost on Aircraft

Contact the air carrier directly

Allegiant (330) 422-9500
Spirit (801) 401-2220

Lost in the Terminal


Niagara Falls International Airport

2035 Niagara Falls Blvd. Niagara Falls, NY 14304

(716) 297-4494

For questions related to flights contact your airline.

Lost & Found
TSA Checkpoint (716) 635-1245
Terminal (716) 297-4494
Lost on airplane or in airline gate area: - Contact your airline.