In 2003, the Port of Buffalo Niagara was the ninth largest port in the U.S. with total trade flows of $59 billion.  However, after consolidating statistics of ports that serve the same region, the Buffalo Niagara region jumps to the sixth largest trading region in the U.S. after Los Angeles (with three ports), New York City (with two ports), Detroit, Laredo, and Port Huron (each with one port).

Among land ports, the Port of Buffalo Niagara ranked fourth behind the Port of Detroit, Laredo, and Port Huron.

The $55.1 billion worth of goods passing through the Port of Buffalo Niagara accounts for three percent of all US trade with the world.  Exports accounted for 45.8 percent of the Port’s 2003 trade flow while imports accounted for the remainder. 

In terms of 2002 U.S. trade with its North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) partners, the Port of Buffalo Niagara ranked as the third largest port with total trade flows equal to $54.9 billion.  Trade with Canada accounted for 99 percent of this total.

Canada exports $21.4 billion by truck into the United States with an additional $7.13 billion by rail.  Twenty-six percent of all exports are destined for JFK and EWR airports for final transport by air.